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 NPF Spirit Homepage 

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
                                                                                                     -Zig Ziglar

The NPF Spirit Program has over 100 cheerleaders ranging in age from 5 to 14 and grades pre-kindergarten to 9th grade. We offer a less competitive Tiny Mite program* (separate registrations) for children ages 5, and 6  entering grades pre-k, k, and 1st  for the upcoming school year.  We offer our full competitive spirit program for children ages 7 through 14 ( 2nd through 9th grade).
We are excited to build on rich history of 32 state, regional and national championships in ten seasons.

There are no try-outs.  Everyone makes a team!

Cheer News and Information
Although rosters are not finalized the choreography dates and times for Div 10, Div 12 and Div 14 have been set.
Division 10: Tuesday August 21 from 8-3pm and Thursday August 23rd from 6-8:30pm
Division 12R: Wednesday August 22 from 8-3pm and Saturday from 8-10:30am
Division 12B: Friday August 24 from 8-3pm and Saturday from 11:30-2pm
Division 14: Monday August 20th from 8-3pm and Wednesday August 22nd from 6-8:30pm
Thank you for your interest in Nashua PAL Force cheer!
We are proud to be part of the NHYFSC and AYC family and are committed to providing the youth of Nashua with a safe and rewarding program led by knowledgeable coaches and build on skill progression and team work. 
When are practices?
When the season starts practices are held four nights a week, Monday through Thursday from 6-8:30pm for the first two weeks after which they remain four nights a week but the time changes to 6-8pm. They are held outdoors at Artillery Field in Nashua behind Holman Stadium. 
After the first game (August 27th) practices are reduced to two nights a week and Saturdays. While we are still outside all teams will practice on the same two nights and together on Saturdays.
We remain outside until about the second week of September at which point we will be utilizing gym space at Nashua North and St Pat's gym. Once we move inside they will change based on availability. 
Do cheerleaders cheer at games?
YES! Games are typically Sundays (there have been a few Saturday games here and there) and cheerleaders are present for the entire game. They arrive one hour before the game start time to warm-up/practice/condition, cheer during the game, perform a halftime routine and are part of the post game huddle. 
What and when are competitions?
When the football season is coming to a close the cheer season kicks into high gear! All of our cheer teams compete in local competitions and the State competition and those that qualify at States may move on to Regionals and Nationals. Competition season begins October 14th and can run as late as December 13th. Only divisions 10 and up move on to the Regional and National competitions when they qualify. All teams will be competing through the November 5th competition.
October 14th- Local competition- *unconfirmed
October 21st- Local competition *unconfirmed
October 29th- NHYFSC State Competition (SNHU Manchester) 
November 5th- Local Competiion *unconfirmed
November 18th AYC Regional Competition (Rhode Island) *unconfirmed
December 9th and 10th- AYC National Competition (Kissimmee, FL) Silver Spurs Arena
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Spirit Director Kalin Hamilton at



What's Stopping You????

We still have spots available on all of our teams.  
There are NO TRY OUTS! 
EXPERIENCE is NOT required!  
We have incredible coaches who can TEACH you what you need to know.
If being a cheerleader is something you've always wanted to do but were afraid of doing, make this your year to face that fear and really learn what the sport is about.  
You have to go to our Registration tab for instructions on how to register.  It's easy!  

"There are no friends quite like cheer friends." red heart


Please familiarize yourself with the Nashua PAL Force handbook located under Forms & Documents under the Registration tab at the top of the Homepage.  Important items are listed below smiley



Our cheerleading program registers cheerleaders from the ages of 5 through 14. Cheerleaders will be assigned to squads based on several factors. Our goal at Nashua PAL Force is to place all cheerleaders on teams that will challenge them to achieve new skills yet to remain competitive. The Spirit Director, Assistant Director, Spirit Registrar and President will put together a preliminary roster. After the preliminary roster has been formed, a meeting will be held with all head coaches to ensure proper placement of the cheerleaders and changes will be made at that time. Factors that will be taken into consideration include (but are not limited to) age, experience, and ability, and size of the squad.


There is NO guarantee that your child will be placed on the same team as their siblings. On the same note, there is NO guarantee that your cheerleader will be placed on the same team as his/her friends, or the same team they were on last year.




Every member of a squad is equally important to a routine. Head Coaches will place each cheerleader in the position that is needed by the squad. If your child was a flyer in the past, that does not necessarily mean she will be a flyer forever. Being part of a TEAM means doing what the team needs you to do. Our coaches are exceptional at placing cheerleaders where they are needed. Cheerleader’s designated role on the squad, whether it is in a stunt, or placement for jumps or dances, is NOT up for discussion. 




Hair MUST be pulled back, with an elastic. Butterfly clips, beads or any type of hair accessory that protrudes from the cheerleader’s head is prohibited. Hair wraps and hair mascara are also prohibited.




Nail polish of any kind is prohibited. Artificial/acrylic nails are also prohibited. Nails must be kept the same length as the tip of your finger – no longer.




No body glitter. No tattoos. No body paints. No body piercings.







  • Any cheerleader arriving late for a game will NOT be allowed to cheer in the half time routine unless the head coach is notified prior to the tardy arrival.
  • Sideline cheering will be allowed.
  • If a cheerleader is not there at the designated time, the coaching staff must then redo the halftime routine. We must go with the cheerleaders who are there.
  • This is set up for EVERYONE’S SAFETY!
  • Cheerleaders must remain on the sidelines with the team during halftime. Cheerleaders will not be allowed to go to the concession stand. 





There are several costs associated with cheerleading throughout the season that you should be aware of going into this commitment. They include, but not limited to:


    Bodysuits/briefs/sneakers/warm-ups        Competition T-shirts

    Ribbons                    Pizza Parties

    Cheer Curls                    Spectator tickets for Competitions

    Travel associated with competitions        Coaches gifts    






All cheerleading squads will compete at the NH State Cheerleading Competition. Cheer teams younger than Division 10 will not be competitive past the State level. Full details will follow, as more information becomes available. NH State Cheerleading Competition is typically held the end of October. Competition is the cheerleading form of “playoffs.” If a squad places at the State level, they will continue to the Regional Competition. Regional Competition is typically held the Saturday of or before Thanksgiving weekend.


If a squad places at the Regional level, they will continue onto the National Competition. National Competition is typically held the first week of December.


Parents are responsible for funding to these competitions.


There are other local competitions that all or some of the squads may participate in over the course of the season. Information will be given to parents as soon as it becomes available. 




Nashua PAL Force has been fortunate enough to be extremely successful over the last eight years. Our teams have earned numerous State, Regional and National Titles.


We work extremely hard as an association to raise funds to help defer costs of travel to Regional & National Competition for any squads fortunate enough to advance. The success of this effort depends solely on the families involved. We, as a board, can provide the opportunities to fundraise, but cannot raise the funds for you.