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***All fields and times are subject to change. We will do our best to provide as much notice as possible for these changes. Please make sure your team parent and/or coach has your most up to date contact information. Also note that while the dates on this schedule are all Sundays, there are a few Saturday night games during the season.  Again, this will be communicated to you as soon as we know.  Thank you for your understanding!***





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Game Day Summaries
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Game Summaries





The 9U Nashua PAL Force football team, under the leadership of head coach Jonathan Cruz opened their season facing the Londonderry Wildcats this past Sunday.  
The first half was punctuated by multiple stops for a loss by #31 Jack Kurlikowski and #87 Noah Smith and impressive first downs by #2 Jayden Beaulieu; #20 Kobe Perry and #33 Adrian Cruz.  
At the end of the first half #10 Ben Kelly broke for a big run and made it all the way to the 2-yard line before being forced out of bounds; leaving the Warriors scoreless at the half.
The men came to life in the second half, starting with a thirty-yard kick-off by #75 Ben Spicer.  The defense proved impressive again with mammoth stops by #10 Ben Kelly, #14 Dylan Noble; #73 Nick Wilkinson and #80 Connor Johnston.  
At the end of the fourth quarter #20 Kobe Perry broke for a thirty-yard run but was stopped before he got into the red zone.  
Despite the men’s valiant efforts, the Warriors fell to the Wildcats 0-13. 
Our next game will be at home on 9/10/17 vs. the Concord Capitols.  
One Team. One Family. PAL Force.  




Football is back! It was a beautiful day for Nashua PAL Force 10U to open up their season in Londonderry to take on the Wildcats. The game was full of action and both teams put out a tremendous effort.

        Londonderry gained a 7-0 lead halfway through the 1st Quarter and was in great position to score another touchdown after the Wildcats forced a turnover, but Ledwin Lluveres was having none of that, as he forced a run out of bounds that most definitely would have ended up in a touchdown. Warren Farley and Alexander Paquin then continued to make big tackles that forced a turnover on downs to keep it 7-0 at the end of the 1st Quarter. 

         The Wildcats then scored again in the 2nd quarter to go up 14-0. With a chance to score again before the half ended, Warren Farley again made a big tackle on a punt return to limit Londonderry's field position. Christopher Beaudion then forced a fumble to make sure the score stayed the same going into halftime.

           Londonderry's Arbogast opened up the 2nd half with a big 46 yard TD run but Nashua Pal Force 10U continued to show fight, as they stopped the extra point attempt to make the score 20-0. On the following drive, Alizé Cortés had a big run to convert on 4th down and followed that up with a 20 yard run, his longest of the day. Unfortunately, this drive ended on a 4th down pass from Xavier Torres to Alizé Cortés that just barely fell incomplete, but was a great effort by both players.

            Although the Wildcats were still up 20-0 going into the 4th quarter, Ryan Morse had a great quarter defensively. He recovered a fumble, prevented a TD and made an additional tackle. As the 4th Quarter came to an end, Londonderry tacked on another TD but Nashua continued to show heart and prevented another extra point conversion making the final score of this game 26-0.

            The Offensive Standouts of this game were: Alizé Cortés, Ryan Morse, Adyn Prowker, Ian Gillis, Ledwin Lluveres, and Xavier Torres.

             The Defensive Standouts of this game were: Warren Farley, Ryan Morse, Alexander Paquin, Ledwin Lluveres, Alizé Cortés, Adyn Prowker, Connor Pesce, Adin Frobese, Zion Campbell, and Christopher Beaudion.

              Overall, the entire team made an excellent effort and will look to win their first game of the season in their home opener against Keene at 3 PM on Sunday, 9/10 at Stellos Stadium.




12U Football, Nashua PAL Force vs Londonderry Wildcats

The Nashua PAL Force 12U  kicked off their 2017 season Sunday, losing a tough battle to their rivals, the Londonderry Wildcats on their home field, 20-6. NPF took an early 6-0 lead on their second possession of the game, but the Wildcats fought back to take an 8-6 lead at halftime. NPF kicked off to start the second half and the Wildcats returned that kickoff for a touchdown and a 14-6 lead. NPF fought hard and had a couple of strong drives, but were unable to put it in the end zone. The Wildcats scored once more, bringing the final score to 20-6.


Both the NPF offense and defense played well overall, but some bad breaks throughout the game made it a tough deficit to come back from. The offensive had some strong carries from Jack Peters, Derek Finlay and Charlie Bellavance; the offensive line made some key blocks and worked hard to minimize the Wildcats blitz packages. The defense held the Wildcats in check on several drives, with gritty play by the defensive line, highlighted by strong performances by Toby Brown Jr., Xavier Francis, Rocco Geraci and Mirolqui Tavarez.


Amaury Almonte scored the only touchdown for NPF on an outstanding run; the extra point kick came up shy.





Nashua PAL Force 8U came ready to play for game 2 Sunday against the Keene Knights. The team was off to a great start with a touchdown early in the first quarter by Josiah Spleen. Although the team made a great attempt at the extra point, Keene succeeded in stopping it. The Force was on point with an interception by Dharyus Sisay and a great recovery by Trevor Drouin. All in all, it was a great effort from the 8U team. 


Key tackles made by: Josiah Spleen, Deiondre Sisay, Trevor Drouin, Nicholas Acevedo, Dharyus Sisay, Yandel Velazquez, Paul O’Brien, Grant Leonardi, and DeVaughn McNeil


Yards gained by: Dharyus Sisay, David Bedard, Josiah Spleen, Deiondre Sisay


Great blocks from: Daylin Osgood, Vinny Valenta, David Lago-Theriault, Ethan Perez, Kayden Geddes, Ardyn Petravicz, Dylan Wardner, Gunnar Evans, Alexander O’Brien, Evan Zelanes and Jace Gallego




Nashua showed great heart and team spirit in all three phases of the game in their shut-out home opener on Sunday.


Nashua's defense was led by the outstanding play of  Cam'Ron Pena; Aivan Garcia; Alex Sebastian; Aden Pimentel; Paul Savoie; Ben Kelly; Ian Leonardi and Jack Krulikowski each with critical tackles and sacks.  Dylan Noble had a fumble recovery in the fourth quarter.  Connor Johnston was a force to be reckoned with racking up 2 tackles, 2 sacks and a fumble recovery.  


Not to be outdone, Nashua's offense had not shortage of stand-out players this week.  Jayden Beaulieu and Jedwin Lluveres had back to back runs of 12 and 10 yards respectively which led to a 20 yard touchdown by Dylan Noble.   Kobe Perry had a 48 yard touchdown run and a 50 yard run that Adrian Cruz was able to run in for the score on the next down.  Cruz also had an impressive 47 yard touchdown after breaking multiple tackles on the line.  Today's touchdowns wouldn't have been possible but for stellar blocking by offensive linemen Ryme O'Brien, Nick Wilkinson, Ben Spicer and Aivan Garcia who was impressive on both sides of the ball.  As kicker, Spicer also contributed three kickoffs of 20+ yards.  


Next game is away on 9/17 in Merrimack


10U NPF 7  KEENE 19


Nashua PAL Force 10U came out to play this past Sunday, as they showed tremendous fight in their 19-7 loss against Keene. 

Keene jumped out to an early 6-0 lead but Nashua denied them of the extra point to keep the score the same. Nashua then promptly struck back and took a 7-6 lead with a rushing touchdown and a converted extra point via the run game as well. The 1st quarter ended with Nashua leading Keene 7-6 and it stayed that way until halftime.

Unfortunately for Nashua, that is the only scoring they would get on the day, as Keene forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter. They would convert the extra point on that drive to take a 13-7 lead. 

Although Nashua forced multiple fumbles in the 4th quarter, they could not capitalize on their great defensive efforts. This lead to Keene tacking on one more touchdown with under a minute remaining in the game to seal the victory. However, Nashua held strong on the extra point attempt to keep the final score at 19-7. 

Alizé Cortés, Ian Gillis, Connor Pesce, Ledwin Lluveres, Adyn Prowker and Xavier Torres all lead the way on offense, with each player garnishing carries, while Torres also attempted several passes.

On the defensive side of the ball, Ryan Morse, Adyn Prowker, Warren Farley, Zion Campbell, Christopher Beaudion, Alizé Cortés, and Alexander Paquin all had important tackles and helped limit Keene's offensive production. 

After dropping to 0-2 on the season after this game, Nashua PAL Force 10U will look to bounce back and get their first win of the season on Sunday, 9/17 at 10 AM in Merrimack.



12U NPF 12  BEFORD 14

The Nashua PAL Force lost a tough battle Sunday to the Bedford Bulldogs, 14-12. The Force got off to a quick start, with Charlie Bellavance receiving the opening kickoff and returning it for a touchdown to give the Force a 6-0 lead, but they were unable to convert on the point after attempt (PAT). The Bulldogs fired right back, scoring on a long run play on their next possession to tie the game up 6-6, missing their PAT as well. Over the next several series, neither offense was able to get in the end zone, with both teams defenses playing a “bend don’t break” style of football. The Force got on the board again late in the game to take a 12-6 lead after a great run by Derek Finaly, but they were unsuccessful on the PAT. The Bulldogs had one more drive in them, driving the ball down the field to take a 14-12 lead late in the game, after converting on the PAT kick. The Force drove the ball one last time, but were unable to finish the comeback. The hit of the game came from Ryan Flynn, who made a comeback block on a sweep to free up Derek Finlay on a big run. Mirolqui Tavarez had a standout performance on defense with some big time plays, along with Bryson Borromeo, Evan Martin and Demitriz Sanchez.




PAL suffered a tough loss to Merrimack this weekend.  The boys fought hard on every down and there was strong play to be commended on both sides of the ball.

In the first half Connor Johnston and Adrian Cruz each had 2 big tackles and a sack for considerable loss.  Ben Spicer had a solid tackle from behind and did well kicking off and punting twice during the game.  

Jake Homsy had 2 great carries and Kobe Perry had a carry for over twenty yards as well.  Unfortunately PAL wasnt able to capitalize enough on these gains to get into the endzone.

The second half proved even more challenging for Nashua but not without further bright spots. 

Ben Kelly had a fumble recovery and Jedwin Lluvres had 2 tackles including one heroic effort in which he flew stretched like Superman to take down the ball carrier.  Luvres also caught one kickoff mid-air.

Next game is home against Salem.




The Nashua 12U PAL Force had a great bounce back game Sunday, to get into the winning column, beating the Merrimack Cardinals 37-6. Michael Curtin got the scoring started using his break away speed on a long run, and the Force never looked back. Their play was solid in all three phases of the game, including special teams, as Derek Finlay successfully converted several kicking PAT's. Ryan Flynn played big, with several good rushes, as did Xavier Francis who also scored on a great run in the first half. The O-line created great running lanes, led by center Reid Lavoie. The defense played stingy, holding the Cardinals to one TD on a long drive. Rocco Geraci proved to be a FORCE to be reckoned with, hit after hit, no one could get past him. Jesse Corfield Jr, Bryson Borromeo, Mirolqui Tavarez, Demitriz Sanchez and Ethan Teixeira all had strong defensive performances. 




This week Nashua's 9U team showed their grit and determination while holding a very tough Salem team to only 6 points. 

Salem got the ball first leaving Nashua's defense on the field for the entire first quarter and a couple of plays into the second.  It was a scorcher and the boys were hot and tired but they played their hearts out.

Asiah Bugg, Nick Wilkinson and Noah Smith each had 2 tackles on Sunday.  Adrian Cruz, Dylan Noble and Max Iaquinta had 4 tackles each.  Aivan Garcia had 5 tackles and Jack Krulikowski had 6 tackles of his own.  The true defensive player of the game was Connor Johnston with a whopping 11 tackles. 4 of those 11 were solo efforts. Johnston has proven a force to be reckoned with this season.

Nashua's offense didn't see much of the ball this weekend but that didn't stop Adrian Cruz from taking his 6 carries a total of 39 yards and Ben Kelly from gaining 26 yards in his 5 carries.  Offensive linemen Ian Leonardi, Brady Borromeo, Aivan Garcia, Ben Spicer, Jack Krulikowski and Connor Johnston played with great heart and held the line as best they could.  Dylan Noble only had one carry on the day and it was nearly a touchdown but he was called down on the 1/2 yard line on 3rd down.  Unfortunately the boys weren't able to pound it in and turned it over on downs with the Salem Rams starting from their own end zone.  

Final score Salem 6 Nashua 0

Next game is away vs. Manchester SW


10U NPF 0  SALEM 13


This past Sunday was uncharacteristically blistering, as Nashua PAL Force 10U took on Salem. Unfortunately for Nashua, Salem was just as hot as the weather.

On the opening kickoff, Salem recovered their own kick and quickly scored on a TD pass to open up the scoring. Nashua held strong on the extra point attempt to make the score 6-0 Salem. Salem continued to punch in one more TD before the end of the quarter and convert the extra point attempt to bring their lead to 13-0.


12U NPF 34  SALEM 0


The Nashua PAL Force 12U kept the winning streak going on Sunday, with a 34-0 victory over the Salem Rams. Charlie Bellavance was unstoppable, rushing for three TD’s, while Ryan Flynn added another with his speed and elusiveness. The Force offense kept the Ram’s offensive unit off the field with great ball control and the special teams unit was able to convert a couple kicking PAT’s. The defense had another strong performance, forcing a lot of 3 and out’s, while recording a shutout thanks to a huge 4-play goal line stand. Toby Brown Jr. took the field for the first time since sustaining an injury in the first game, providing depth offensively and defensively and a spark to the team. Jesse Corfield Jr & Mekhi Gerrin proved that size does not matter with some big stops as the Ram’s attempted to move the ball. Reagan Brunet & Ethan Preston-Teixeira were also key contributors to the victory Sunday.




Nashua PAL Force 8u clenched their first win of the season against the NH Jr Wildcats. PAL Force Quarterback, Dharyus Sisay was off to a quick start with a touchdown in the first quarter. He then immediately secured the extra point giving  his team the early lead. 


The Jr Wildcats weren’t giving up and were slowed by some amazing tackles by Grant Leonardi and David Lago, but ultimately they answered with a touchdown. Thanks to our amazing defense and a great tackles by Deiondre Sisay and Josiah Spleen the extra point attempt was missed and Nashua stayed up by a point.


Nashua wasn’t comfortable with the score being so close. The offense pushed the field hard with several yards gained by Yandel Velazquez and a pass completed between QB Dharyus Sisay and Running Back Josiah Spleen. Quickly thereafter Dharyus Sisay scored his second touchdown of the game with the extra point being completed by Nicholas Acevedo as he pummeled through the wildcat defense, and suddenly Nashua was up with an even bigger point spread.


The defense did their best to keep the wildcats down with amazing tackles by Dylan Wardner, Alex O’Brien, Dominic Morse and amazing fumble recoveries by Grant Leonardi and Nicholas Acevedo. The ball yo-yo-ed back and forth for a bit and eventually the wildcats were back in the game with a touchdown making it a close game. Thanks to an amazing tackle on the extra point by Grant Leonardi Nashua was still in the lead. 


Finally, Nashua offense led by 2nd QB David Bedard made more progress with a handoff and several yards gained by running back Deiondre Sisay and later Bedard would secure another first down for Nashua. Trevor Drouin would then gain some more yards and later Josiah Spleen secured the final touchdown for Nashua and Dharyus Sisay got the extra point giving Nashua the win!  The boys played as team and got the win together. 




The 12U Nashua PAL Force kept the winning train rolling Sunday with a 34-6 win over the Sandown Wildcats. Jack Peters returned to the field to help lead the team, and 4 different Force scored on TD runs including Jack, Michael Curtin (2), Ryan Flynn and Charlie Bellavance. The Wildcats were only able to dress 13 for this matchup, and played with a lot of heart, but the Force were just too much. The defense continued to apply the pressure, led by Toby Brown, Demitriz Sanchez, Xavier Francis and Mirolqui Tavarez. Other notable efforts by the Force came from Reese Swanson, Xavier Jalbert, Edison Arana, Tom Dahl and Jesse Corfield, Jr. With this win, the Force are now 3-2 on the season and are making a strong push down the final stretch, with the hopes of making the playoffs.




It was an intense game for PAL’s 8U team Sunday against the Bedford Bulldogs. The downpours couldn’t break this team’s spirit as they answered each touchdown from the Bulldogs in a close game that came down to seconds on the clock.  

Bedford started strong and scored a touchdown early in the first quarter. They took the lead heading into the second quarter, but a touchdown by Dharyus Sisay early in the quarter kept Nashua in the game. The Bulldogs scored again just before the half, but a team effort by Nashua PAL stopped the extra point attempt. 

The Force returned from halftime ready to fight and tied the game with a touchdown by Dharyus Sisay. The Bulldogs scored once again, but Nicholas Acevedo blocked the extra point attempt.  Another touchdown by Dharyus Sisay tied the game yet again, but despite a great effort, the extra point attempt was no good.  Bedford scores with less than a minute left of the game but the Force wasn’t done fighting yet. They succeeded in blocking the extra point and used every second of the clock strategically.  While Dharyus Sisay and Deiondre Sisay continued to make drives toward the end zone, the clock ran out just seconds before Dharyus Sisay could make the touchdown. Although the game ended in a loss for PAL, this team showed what true determination and teamwork look like on the field. 

Key tackles made by: Yandel Velazquez, Alexander O’Brian, Deiondre Sisay, Trevor Drouin, Nicholas Acevedo, Dharyus Sisay, and Grant Leonardi

Yards gained by: Dharyus Sisay, Josiah Spleen, Yandel Velazquez, Deiondre Sisay

Great blocks from: David Bedard, Daylin Osgood, Vinny Valenta, David Lago-Theriault, Ethan Perez, Kayden Geddes, Evan Zelanes, Dominic Morse, Ardyn Petravicz, Paul O’Brien, Dylan Wardner, DeVaughn McNeil, Jace Gallego, and Gunnar Evans




Nashua Pal 9u got their second win on the season this Sunday vs. the Hudson Litchfield Bears.

The game began in the rain and the wet ball made the snaps unpredictable.  As the skies cleared, the boys settled in to what became a stellar performance.

Connor Johnston once again had an amazing all around game.  He stripped the ball once, leading to a turnover; 11 tackles; 22 sacks and a fumble recovery.  Jack Krulikowski, Nick Wilkinson and Ben Kelly had 4 tackles each.  Ian Leonardi had 3 tackles including a huge solo stop for a loss.  Adrian Cruz had 2 tackles and Noah Smith and Jayden Beaulieu each had one.

Ben Kelly had 5 runs for 44 yards while Adrian Cruz had 7 carries for 79 yards on the day including a short yardage touchdown.  Dylan Noble had a short yardage completion to Connor Johnston, a 2 yard run for a touchdown and a 5 yard run for an extra point.

Special thanks to the offensive line.  Without you, no scores would be possible.  Centers: Brady Borromeo and Aivan Garcia; Guards: Ian Leonardi, Cam'Ron Pena and Paul Savoie; Tackles: Ben Spicer, Nick Wilkinson, Alex Sebastian and Ryme O'Brien and Ends: Jack Krulikowski, Connor Johnston, Adrian Cruz and Max Iaquinta.

Next game is 10/15 away at Derry.


12U NPF 29 HUDSON 0 


The 12U Nashua PAL Force had their fourth consecutive strong performance Sunday, recording a shutout and beating the Hudson Bears 35-0. The offense was explosive and the defense even added a score, recovering a lateral pass from the Bears in the end zone for a TD. The Force opened up the scoring early and never looked back, with big runs from several players. On the day, TD’s were scored by Charlie Bellavance, Jack Peters, Xavier Francis, Derek Finlay and Amaury Almonte. The defensive unit played physical, Force style football, limiting the Bears total offensive yards and first downs to a minimum. Rocco Geraci, Lola Cambray, Reid Lavoie, Devin McNeil, Reagan Brunet played well and helped the Force keep the winning streak alive heading into the final two games of the regular season.



It was a beautiful fall football Sunday, as Nashua PAL Force took on the Nashua Crusaders in an epic battle for the Gate City. 


The Force started the game full throttle with a touchdown by Dharyus Sisay in the first two minutes of the game.  The defense did their job and held the Crusaders’ offense from scoring in the first quarter. 


The Crusaders started the second quarter with a touchdown, but the extra point attempt was blocked, resulting in a tied game at the half.  The third quarter was a battle of wills as each team held the other from scoring. 


The fourth quarter brought lots of action as Dharyus Sisay forced the Crusaders quarterback into the end zone, resulting in a safety. That play was followed by intense drives down the field by David Lago-Theriault and Nicholas Acevedo. Acevedo was stopped just short of the end zone at the two-yard line. Though The Force didn’t score on the drive, their teamwork and perseverance were evident with every play. PAL’s final drive resulted in a touchdown by Josiah Spleen.  The Force celebrated their victory as a team. 


Key tackles made by: Yandel Velazquez, Alexander O’Brian, Deiondre Sisay, Trevor Drouin, Nicholas Acevedo, Dharyus Sisay, Grant Leonardi, and Kayden Geddes


Yards gained by: Dharyus Sisay, Josiah Spleen, Nicholas Acevedo, Yandel Velazquez, Evan Zelanes, David Lago-Theriault, Deiondre Sisay


Great blocks from: David Bedard, Daylin Osgood, Vinny Valenta, David Lago-Theriault, Ethan Perez, Evan Zelanes, Dominic Morse, Ardyn Petravicz, Paul O’Brien, Dylan Wardner, DeVaughn McNeil, Jace Gallego, and Gunnar Evans



The 12U Nashua PAL Force scored early and often on Sunday, beating the Nashua Elks Crusaders 39-0. Five different Force scored TD’s, including Jack Peters, Derek Finlay, Amaury Almonte, Charlie Bellavance and Reagan Brunet. The Force played exceptionally in all 3 phases of the game, with a shutout performance on defense and strong special teams play, including a rushing and kicking PAT. Mekhi Gerrin, Toby Brown Jr. and Michael Curtin came up with some big hits and the Force received significant playing time from Lola Cambray, Xavier Jalbert, Tom Dahl, Reese Swanson and Devin McNeil. The win on Sunday brought the Force’s record to 5-2 on the season as they head into a pivotable game next Sunday against the Pelham Razorbacks. The boys will be looking to close out the season on a 6 game winning streak and keep their playoff hopes alive with a victory.


8U NPF vs PELHAM- Loss

Sunday’s game against the Pelham Razorbacks was a heartbreaker for PAL’s 8U team. The Force controlled the first quarter with positive yardage and a solid defensive stance, but Pelham scored two touchdowns in the second quarter, giving them the lead at the half. 


The Razorbacks scored another touchdown in the third quarter, but the Force blocked the extra point attempt. A touchdown by Dharyus Sisay in the fourth quarter kept PAL in the game. The touchdown was followed by a kick off recovery by Sisay, providing Nashua an opportunity to drive down the field.  Although the team made a great effort to gain positive yardage, the Razorback defense held strong. A touchdown by Pelham in the last minute of the game solidified their win. The team’s spirit remains strong as they head into their Superbowl this weekend. 


Key tackles made by: David Bedard, Alexander O’Brien, Deiondre Sisay, Yandel Velazquez, Trevor Drouin, Nicholas Acevedo, Dharyus Sisay, Grant Leonardi, and Kayden Geddes


Yards gained by: Dharyus Sisay, David Bedard, Josiah Spleen, Yandel Velazquez, Deiondre Sisay


Great blocks from: Daylin Osgood, Grant Leonardi, Vinny Valenta, David Lago-Theriault, Ethan Perez, Kayden Geddes, Evan Zelanes, Gunnar Evans, Dominic Morse, Ardyn Petravicz, Paul O’Brien, Dylan Wardner, DeVaughn McNeil, and Jace Gallego